Beautiful, clean, glowing hands are such a mood lifter. Your great dress and pretty makeover starts feeling and looking greater and prettier when you have your hands velvety soft to touch and beamy to look at. The history of hand care, or what we call manicure now, leads back to 1781 in Babylon where men would paint their nails not only for beauty purposes but also to profile themselves on the basis of power and fortune. Those who were rich and powerful used black hue to paint their nails and those who belonged to the lower class used green.
The practice of manicure among women started with Cleopatra in 1300 AD. She actually pioneered the iconic and never dying trend of the red nails. Nowadays, the practice of manicure is widely seen globally. It has been looked at as an essential and a must-have part of self-care.
We, at Plush, offer one of the best manicure services. We have 6 different completely affordable and reliable deals of manicure. We take care of cleansing, scrubbing and moisturizing as the basic procedures and then we add a hand mask, an essential oil and paraffin wax in our special Plush deal that has a long-lasting pleasant effect.
After we have taken care of your hands, we treat your nails. We clean the cuticles; trim, shape and paint them with the best colors and art designs. We also offer a very special led nail polish that lasts up to two weeks and keeps it perfect luster and color intact. A very special addition to our services is SNS in which we dip your nails in our special organic products that help your nails to grow fast and strong. All of our deals are quite economical and assuring, as we love to have all of you with us on board.


Besides hands, we make sure that your feet get the same amount of love, care and treatment. Feet can prove to be a difficult challenge when it comes to maintaining their health and beauty as they are always dealing with dirt and exposure to other negatively affecting elements. Our feet are one of the most used parts of our body that are always working under literal burden and pressure, and unfortunately, most of the times they are the most ignored parts of the body too.
But, don’t worry, because taking good care of your feet is what we are best at. Our pedicure services include deep cleansing to extract all the dirt out of the skin, scrubbing to exfoliate the dead and clogged cells, removing the callus, cleaning the cuticles, a very special hot stone massage for better circulation, a hydrating mask and some heavy moisturizing. After all this extremely essential treatment, we style and paint your nails according to your will and your feet are ready to rock those stilettos you are always craving to wear but don’t because you have always been insecure about your feet. Believe us, you won’t walk out of our salon as the same person. You will absolutely feel like a diva ready to run the world.


We try and, fortunately, prove ourselves to be good at all the services but we believe that nails are something we are natural at. Our clientele is mostly built from our nail art services. We not only offer nail art but also some magical working nail enhancement procedures because healthy and beautiful nails are a prerequisite to a promising nail make over.
We understand the most common problems and offer accordingly. If you have fragile nails that don’t grow fast and strong, don’t worry because we have our special CND that helps strengthen the nails and also stimulates to make them grow fast.
What’s better than long and beautiful acrylic nails? Long and beautiful natural nails and SNS are what promise you your own nails looking like fresh out of salon acrylics. SNS works scientifically and stimulates the natural growth cycle of your nails. So, next time you accidently bump your nail into something, you won’t be losing your cool or your nail.


Nothing feels better than touching some waxed skin. The feel of the hairless velvet feels like holding a soft baby and your serotonin just touches the ozone. Body hair has been a challenge since long for women all over the world. Waxing has made this challenge easy and we have made it easier. Yes, we offer the best wax in town with extremely affordable prices and quality that speaks volumes.
Our packages save your money and time both. The reason we claim that we are better than others is that we make the process less painful and more comfortable for you. Our team has hands of a maestro that doesn’t let you feel the pain of having your hair pulled out. Moreover, we try our best to provide you with an environment where you can relax and let yourself loose. The type of wax we use doesn’t cause any darkening of skin or leave any hairy patches un-pulled and it also doesn’t dry the skin afterwards. These are some of the most common problems people experience because of waxing and we have acquired techniques to minimize and almost eliminate all of them.


They say eyes are the first thing in a person to make an impression and impact. Just imagine the grave importance of eyes on a person’s life. The whole personality can be assessed by what eyes tell. Hence, we need to tame them before they give all our secrets away.
Now, if we talk about eyes, every person in the world agrees that lashes play a pivotal part in the beauty of eyes. The effect of a long lash doesn’t wear off easily. Women from every age, place and profession invest in making their lashes long, voluminous and curled by using, eyelash curler, mascara and also fake eyelashes. The market revolving around these products is gargantuan.
Now imagine you can have beautiful, curled and long lashes without the use of a curler, mascara or fake lashes. How? By booking an appointment for our lash extension procedure. We use hypo-allergic material for the extensions making it super safe for you. Our deals are not very expensive at all. They can be easily managed in every budget and, obviously, are cheaper than a pair of minks and a designer mascara.
Moreover, these extensions last for months and the best thing is that you can always come back to us for a refill. So, ladies, let your eyes do the talking from now on. Bat that lash and make people crash.


Besides eyelashes, how can we ignore the part that eyebrows play in making our eyes prettier and face, symmetrical! Over the years the eyebrows have been styled differently in different eras. There was a time not long ago when we all were obsessed with pencil thin eyebrows and we all over-plucked our brows to follow the trend. Now that trend seems to be not-so-appealing as we have stepped into the Era of thick-skinned and thick-browed women. Now the trend is all about thick, dark and mildly plucked eyebrows.
But many of us have thin and light brows naturally and that is where we jump in to help. We offer the service of micro-blading and tinting your eyebrows. Micro-blading is a new technique that helps you enhance your natural brow-hair and become dark and thick. This tattooing technique helps to permanently install a pigment in your brow skin making your brows look fuller and thicker. It usually lasts up to 4 years and looks amazing. We also offer a temporary dying of eyebrows that can last up to a month or so.
So if you are at the brink of bursting out because of the frustration of not having met the right Salon team yet, here is your chance to change your life altogether. Just try us, and thank us later.

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