We all want to look beautiful. In fact, all humans love to seek a stunning outlook, both physically and emotionally. As a matter of fact, the emotional well-being is often deeply related to the physical maintenance of a person.

While there are many aspects of physical beautification, nail enhancement and waxing procedures stand out among the numerous elements of bodily glamour and mark the basics of a salon work up.


We have worked hard on the interior of our salon to make sure it gives off some real meditation vibes and you can have a tropical island experience while sitting in our special treatment chairs. See! That’s how we have proven those people wrong who always accuse modern technology for doing wrong to romance related with nature. We use the technology and make it work in a way that it makes you feel nothing less than an organic and natural trance.


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Nail Enhancements

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At Plush salon, we specialize in nail art, waxing, eyelash for extension and micro-blading. We are sure that all of these terms are not at all Greek to you because we bet last night at the club one of your girlfriends was flaunting her newly done nails while one of them was batting that extended lash and you were just looking at your bare hands thinking about a place that can give you such a dandy hand makeover that you become the center of attention next time you see your girls; and that’s exactly where you need us babes because we have got it covered. Just hop in to our salon and you will immediately feel a wave of relaxation deep inside your body and soul.

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